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Gauge Conversion & Caddy

Gauge Caddy

Available gauge sets 
12, 16, 20, 28, .410 3" 410


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See how easy gauge changes can be:

Click here for our videos page

Changing from one gauge to another is an easy 5 step process that takes 5 minutes or less, and no adjustment is necessary.  The Spolar conversion caddy was designed for those who want to change gauges and keep them organized.

Each caddy stores one complete conversion:

- top plate with tooling
- resizing dies
- shell seating head and cup
- shot and powder bushings
- wad cup and wad fingers
- is anodized to match your reloader
- top handle for easy carrying
- rubber no mar feet
- embroidered nylon cover is optional.

You'll enjoy how easy it is to change Spolar gauges!