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Spolar Power Load Hydraulic...

Spolar continues to set the standard for the industry because of its hydraulic quality and performance which can be admired, but, not duplicated.

Spolar Hydraulic
The hydraulic unit as attached to the loader

-the power unit sits under the table-

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Watch the best hydraulic system in the 
reloading business at work:

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Key Features:

  • Instantaneous touch-of-the-toe cycle speed adjustment

  • Loads up to one shell every 3.5 seconds

  • Instant, accurate, no-leak electronic stop, start or reverse foot pedal

  • 10 minute, no adjustment, no modification installation

  • Top quality, American made, steel geared pump for quiet reliability

  • Uniform motion, speed and pressure for consistent shells

  • Add additional Loaders with our Power Load Cylinder Plate Assembly

  • Five year unlimited power unit guarantee

  • An earned reputation for quality and service

  • Engineered to last a life time

The hydraulic kit comes complete, ready for easy hook-up

The Power Load Cylinder has been tested for one million cycles and is guaranteed for two years. The power unit has quiet, steel gears, has successfully passed 30,000 hours of rigorous industrial testing and is guaranteed for five years. We believe ours is the best product service record in the industry. After twenty four years of production we've received only one request for a replacement part. All components of the Spolar Power Load Hydraulic are top quality, American made and universally available.