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Meet some customers

If you would like to share your picture, send them to Dicksie reloader@spolargold.com
use "website" in the subject

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Von Riesen and Ruby #1443 Independence , CA  


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John Malcolm, (proud to be the owner of)  #1896!


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Attached is my picture with the latest Spolar Gold. I won these two
events on Saturday at the Arlington Fairfax Issac Walton League John
Linn Memorial shoot. The weather here in Virginia was HOT with actual
temps running 90 to 94 and the Heat index at 100+. I was shooting Spolar
Gold 1oz wads and West coast magnum shot in AAHS hulls over 16.1 of
Alliant e3 and a RIO 209 primer. This load has always been a great
performer from sub zero to 100+ days. I have loaded over 8000 of these
loads on my number 625 with no problems at all.
Thank you for a high quality product that I always can depend on.

Best, Chip King #625