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"Our customers are our friends and we treat them all accordingly, if you are ready to order the best shot shell reloader on the market we are ready to stand behind your Spolar Gold Premier with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!"

To order, contact:

Spolar Power Load, Inc.
2273 S. Vista Ave., B-2
Bloomington, Ca. 92316

Fax: 909-421-3533



Spolar's Manufacturing Facility

The Spolars
Dicksie, Spolar Gold, and Carter
At the Grand in Vandalia

Below are Shawnee and Apache working the new Spolar home at the Grand in Sparta,
 accompanied by their people pets Dicksie and Carter.

Spolar's new digs in Sparta

Shawnee and Apache taking their people pet Dicksie for a walk at the Grand in Sparta

Taken on the last day of the 2005 ATA Grand, last ever in Vandalia, Ohio

Picture of our San Antonio building...

By the way,

Meet our good friend Mountain Mist, or just Mist
(the one with the really long hair is Mist)

And, of course, Shawnee as she works the Grand when a puppy...

Then, as a young adult, Shawnee working in the Field, doing her thing...

What a handsome young lady she grew to be...

And, a hunting we will go...

First there was Shawnee (above) and now with her daughter Apache...
And, of course Carter with Dicksie too (they are the kids behind the hunters)

Apache on the hunt

Mom Shawnee with offspring Apache on the look-out

Go'in home with the goods and boss man Carter


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