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Price list: New Prices Effective September 12, 2016

Spolar Gold Premier Reloader
includes one  gauge

Reloader Cover
Black Embroidered: $70.00

Spolar Complete Hydraulic System
Includes quick disconnects on hoses.

Also fits Ponsness/Warren
U.S. Patent #Des 340,108

Spolar Cylinder Plate Assembly
(comes with everything to add additional loaders to your Hydraulic System)

Custom Spolar Reloading Table

Gauge Changes, per gauge 12, 20, 28, 410 $375.00
16 gauge price $400.00

Gauge Change 3 inch 410 gauge

Gauge Storage Caddy

Gauge Storage Caddy Cover
Embroidered: $30.00

DVD Manual
(no charge with reloader)

Trouble Shooting DVD

Extras and Accessories

New Primer Seating Shaft Assembly $35.00 Minimizes Tipped Primers   

New Primer Cup and Bolt $19.00

Table layout template: $5.00
Shot Bushings: $8.50 ea.
Powder Bushings: $6.50
Wad fingers: $2.85 ea.
Extra Hydraulic Hose per foot: $3.50
Hydraulic Pressure Gauge: $35.00
Spolar Die Lube: $4.00 (no charge with reloader)
Spolar Dry Lube: $4.00 (no charge with reloader)
Spolar Super Grease: $5.50
for Index Cam Rollers, Wad Lift Block
Hornady One Shot: $10.00
for Charge Bar Housing and Primer Tray

Reloader Maintenance Kit
(for one gauge)

Keeps you reloading if you lose, bend, or break a part and includes:
1 wad shaft roll pin, 2 charge bar cam rollers, 2 lube swabs, 2 spring fingers, 1 counter pin, 1 primer cup, 1 primer cup bolt, 1 primer cup spring, 1 knockout spring, 2 shot and powder washer seals, 1 electric box fuse, 1 bottle super die lube, 1 bottle super dry lube, 1 can Hornady One Shot,1 syringe super grease.

(for additional gauges order 2 spring fingers, 2 lube swabs)

Spolar Embroidered Caps Tan/Blk or Camo  $15.00

Spolar Gold Wads
1 1/8 oz and/or 1 oz

$120.00 per case of 5,000 ($15.00 per bag of 500)

All prices are plus tax and shipping if applicable