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Spolar Gold 1 1/8 Ounce and 1 Ounce Wads

The Spolar Gold Wad is custom made to our specifications using premium grade, super slick plastic that leaves almost no plastic residue in your barrel. Our wad is designed to fully encase the shot charge in the shot cup up until the point that it exits the barrel; at that point the petals flare.

The flare, combined with the lighter weight of the wad creates a parachute effect. The wad quickly drops away from the shot charge allowing a quicker, denser and shorter shot string, which in turn equals better patterns.

Loading Data: Consult your powder manufacturers loading data for Winchester AA  type wad. The lighter weight and slicker material used to manufacturer this wad makes it possible to reduce the amount of powder by as much as 3/10th of a grain.

$110.00 per case of 5000, plus actual shipping cost

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