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Custom Reloading Table

A sturdy table is essential for any reloader to produce quality reloads consistently. Because, an unstable surface will vibrate during the reloading process causing unreliable reloads and damage to any machine.

The Spolar Custom Gold Reloading Table is the essence of stability and craftsmanship. Its beautifully finished 60 X 28 X 1 3/4 laminated maple tabletop is pre-drilled, plumbed and wired for your Spolar Gold Premier Reloader and Spolar Power Load Hydraulic. The shells drop through the tabletop into a drawer that holds up to a case of shells and a tray for your incidental reloading accessories. Billet aluminum bushings allow the hydraulic lines and settling system wires to run to the six plug, rocker switched power strip for the Spolar Gold Premier. Fourteen gauge steel legs, flanged for maximum support and a carpeted steel shelf. A sturdy steel stringer ties the whole system together.