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NEWS - California honors Spolar

Sporting Clays Magazine
Spolar Power Load Gold Premier
By Tom Roster

The Spolar Power Load Gold Premier fully progressive reloading press is without a doubt one of the very best of the new breed of modern reloading presses. And I say that from reloading experience that spans nearly 30 years. In writing reloading columns and features for various magazines, plus having authored reloading manuals both self-published and for various companies, I'm pretty sure I've worked with nearly every reloading press ever manufactured in North America. That's why it's fun to write about this super press from Spolar. 

If you're after user-friendly ease of operation, the Spolar Power Load Gold Premier is the press for you. If you're after easily interchangeable tooling setups for various gauges on the same progressive machine, this is the press for you. And if you want all the above with super reliable and simple hydraulic operation, the Spolar, again, is the one. Now that's a lot of "super" adjectives, but then I'm super impressed with this Spolar product.

For more information, contact Spolar at (909) 350-9667 or (800) 227-9667.

To order Tom Roster's new 75-page manual on shotgun barrel alterations ($12.95 ppd.) or new reloading manual on buffered lead and bismuth e-mail troster@cdsnet.net  

Shotgun Sports Magazine
An excerpt by C. Scott

"My self-prescribed cure for sore shoulders(s) was... I bought two loaders and one hydraulic pump with a quick-release fitting so I could use one pump for both loaders. If you have never witnessed hydraulic loaders in action, you should. They are a dream to use. I can pump out a perfectly loaded shell about every four seconds. The only motion required is simultaneously inserting a new hull and wad, and then tapping on a foot lever."  

Skeet Shooting Review
An excerpt by Nick Sisley

I've been putting a Spolar Gold Premier .410 through it paces and even a comment like: "This is the finest reloader I've ever seen, with every desirable feature imaginable", would still be an understatement. "The Spolar operates so well because (at least one reason) of its sealed ball bearings and oil-light bushings." "I've reloaded about 1,000 .410's on the Spolar so far and have never had one primer hang-up." "The quality is better than anything you've seen to date."  

By Bob Hartman, Publisher and true believer in the SpolarGold reload.

What I seek is a competitive load that I can count on for consistency. I want to know, with out a shadow of doubt, that I have shells which perform the same each and every time. When in the heat of competition, and especially on the shoot-off line, I need, no demand, utmost confidence in the performance of my shell. I choose the reload produced by the SpolarGold. Why? Because when I started shooting SpolarGold reloads my scores went up. And, I noticed that none of my attention was directed to wondering whether or not I had the right shell to get the job done. I sought a soft shooting shell that delivered 1200 FPS, always. After shooting the SpolarGold reloads for several months I had them tested. All of the tests reported between 1200 to 1205 FPS, NOW THAT'S CONSISTENCY! I'm a very happy camper with my SpolarGold, it nailed my objective. Oh, by the way, the SpolarGold is the easiest, fastest, and most maintenance free reloader I've every used.

To buy factory shells or to reload, 
that is the question!

By Ted Church, reloader

While getting a skeet gun worked on in Phoenix, AZ, the very reputable smith was talking about how silly it was to reload these days with the cost of components, reloaders and the TIME investment. Then, recently I went to our local wholesale dealer for shotshell reloading components and noticed that, YES, PRICES are increasing. This led me to ponder and start calculating whether the gunsmith was right.

I asked Gil Siu to independently also calculate his reloading costs PER BOX OF 25 SHELLS for the: .410, 28ga, 20ga. and 12ga. skeet loads. Here is a breakdown of our computations:



Cost by 
Ted Church

Cost by 
Gil Siu

Cost by Winchester


.410 ga

$2.11 / box

$2.14 / box

$6.99-7.99 / box


28 ga

$2.18 / box

$2.22 / box

$5.99-7.99 / box


20 ga

$2.41 / box

$2.47 / box

$4.99-6.99 / box


12 ga

$2.62 / box

$2.62 / box

$4.00-6.00 / box

The most expensive to reload (least margin of savings) is the 12 ga.. So for exclusive 12 ga shooters (Trap/Sporting Clays) we believe there is still incentive to reload, mainly because you can customize your reloads.  In the lower skeet guns (.410/28ga,20ga) there seems to be substantial savings. 

So I went a step further.  I calculated how many shells I would have to reload to recapture just the cost of the best reloader made (Spolar Power Load). By averaging all the prices in the above table, one recaptures the cost of the loader after about 1,700 boxes!!!!

Now one argues labor. At a conservative pace of 500 rds/hr, I calculated I needed to pay myself  $ 63/hr to equal and match factory shotshell costs. Well, I may be good, but that is a high wage to pay myself for "reloading", compared to what I charge as a professional. With a good working reloader(s), we feel the time factor for reloading, even for one not retired; working shooters such as myself is still financially totally practical. I also like to be able to customize my loads slightly, and also not have to worry too much about who is on strike.

We encourage all clay target shooter to compute their reloading component costs, time commitment, etc. and see if we are correct. We think the skeptics will be surprised.

"I would recommend this loader for anyone that is in the market to purchase, quality, durability, and trouble free operation" By:

Dennis DeVault
NCP Products, Inc.
Machinist, Product Designer - MachOne Shotgun, Shooter
My Dad who is now retired does all the reloading in the family and we currently have two other loaders, a Mec 9000 and a PW. Two years ago while attending the Grand American, Dad spotted the Spolar Gold at your display and told me that I needed to have a look. As a machinist and a product designer I was very impressed with the overall construction of the machine, bearings in all the right places to prevent excessive wear and the primer feeder is the best I've seen. What really sold me on the loader was the ability to remove the shell at any position of the turret. The powder and shot tubes are very easy to load and a snap to empty. Dad now has over 40,000 cycles on the meter and not one problem. He keeps a check on the powder scale and the loader is very accurate and consistent. We both shoot the semi-auto's for sporting clays and the roll at the crimp allows the auto's to cycle with no worries of shells hanging up. I would recommend this loader for anyone that is in the market to purchase, quality, durability, and trouble free operation has to be # 1 when making your selection. Thank you Spolar and as always, good luck and good shooting.

I love this machine. Why did I wait so long?

I got my reloader on Friday and got it unpacked and set-up. I was so happy to have finally got the loader. I have been through several reloaders, P/W, MEC, and Dillon. Finally made the step that took me to excellence.

It is Saturday night, about 8pm (Just in for dinner), I got the Spolar Gold w/hyd. set-up and started loading at 8am today(We watched video and had breakfast). A buddy and I started loading, we ran out of primers so he ran home and got his stash, we ran out of shot and hulls, we made some calls and borrowed more. After around 2 kegs of powder, a rack of primers and 20 sacks of shot, we finished approx. 20 cases of shells, we had to stop because we only had 5100 primers. We don't know the exact counts of components because we had some guys from the gun club bring over what ever they had at home. We started off to test the reloader and it turned into a marathon. We both learned the machine intimately, we needed some learning time as we were sloppy in the beginning (Not the Reloaders fault), but once we got a rythm and got a feel for the foot controls "It was on" The good news is we now have enough ammo for the next month. The bad news is that we have to wait 6 weeks unitil our next order of components come in. We are in Hawaii and powder/primers have to be shipped by barge.

Anyway just thought I would share the good news, I love this machine. Why did I wait so long? Everybody says "You can buy 4 MEC's for the price of one Spolar." Yeah well, you can keep the 4 MEC's, This Spolar Gold is a work of art.

Aloha Nui Loa

"Absolutely the best operating loader I have ever used," by

Jim Gast

Warsaw, IN

I've waited a couple of days to get back to you on the operation of the new Spolar I just started to use, thinking there would probably be some kind of a problem I couldn't handle etc. 

I changed the die set over to the 20 ga. to begin with, since this is the most common shell I load. Just finished loading 3000 shells, absolutely the best operating loader I have ever used, and I have gone thru a lot of loaders over the past 35 years, beginning with a Lee hand set, thru Mec, Pacific, PW and others. The attention to detail and follow thru in manufacturing specs for this loader is just outstanding. (Outside of the vendor that makes the 3/8 ports in the 1" manifold head for the hydraulic unit.)
As I told Dicksie on the phone, I loaded about 250 shells using the hand lever, just to get a feel for the machine...then hooked up the hydraulics. I loaded the first 100 shells in 7 1/2 minutes, without really working for speed. My main purpose in getting the hydraulic unit was ease of operation and alleviating my tendinitis, but the smooth flow of the loader in hydraulic operation makes loading easy, fast, and kind of fun again!
Thanks for porducing such a great machine, and feel free to use me for a reference in the Midwest any time!

"This is one of the best loaders I have ever used."

It is the smoothest most trouble free loader I have ever used...
I have loaded over 7000 shells not one bad one. I have had Mec-PW-Dillon. I have not made one adjustment and it loads 
a perfect shell.
Thank you Spolar
James Rausch

Hello Carter and Dicksie,

After a few primer jams I changed from Noble Sport to Winchester primers. That fixed the jamming problem. I watched the troubleshooting DVD, that help so much.

After a few powder & shot spills, using my super computer vacuum to clean up the mess I finally got the rhythm down. I loaded 5 boxes of shells in less than 30 mins.

Even though I have never used another press before I can tell by the way this one works that it is a dream to operate, my friends all have the big red machines and I have heard all of their stories about the problems they have and continue to have, not this one. I even loaded some to those cheap hulls from Spain and Italy they loaded and looked like they came out of the box new.

I know you have heard all of this before but I felt compelled to write anyway. At first I was Leary about $1700.00 for a loader but I have always been very frugal with things I buy. I do my research and try to get the best bang for the buck. This has so much bang my ears ring with delight. It is so ironic that all the others said I was wasting my money to buy such an expensive loader and at the same time they had $6000.00 guns hung over their shoulders. I�ll stick to my Browning�s that shoot just as good and use a loader that work better than their MEC�s. I look at buying things like buying car tires, in two years you can buy 3 sets of tires for $950.00 or buy one set of great tires for $1000.00 and get 3 years of use. It�s more up front but it�s better in the long run.

In closing I know with out a doubt that I will have many years of press success. I can�t wait to see Chappie, he was so excited last weekend when I told it was on it�s way by UPS and I tracked it�s travel across the country. He was the biggest factor in my purchase, when he told me that he was into six digits on his with out one major problem I knew I was on the right track.


George Dickson
, NC

I wanted to take a brief moment to tell you how much I'm enjoying my
Spolar Reloader. I sell a technology product so I naturally like products
that use technology effectively. This machine is one that anyone would

I am very impressed with this machine. So far, I've loaded all of my 20
gauge hulls, and last night I reloaded the 410's. Everyone has told me
difficult the 410 is to reload. Even you guys told me to go slow. I changed 
the gauges last night and started on the 410's. I could not believe how
smoothly it went. I only have about a thousand hulls, and I loaded all
them without a single problem. The crimps on the hulls are better than
I got from the factory. I could not believe that the 410 would go so

This is a really nice machine. I'm glad that I purchased your reloading
table. I would suggest it to anyone that uses the Spolar Reloader.
Everything comes in predrilled, labeled, etc. It was very convenient to
up. You have a very nice package.

By the way Dicksie, I do appreciate your sending me the part that I
requested for the 20 Gauge conversion. As you may have suspected, the
was actually delivered in my original shipment. The part was not obvious
me as I unpacked the components, but I did find it later. I'll send the
replacement part back to you. Sorry for the confusion. It was an error
my part.

I'm going to get back to the 28 gauge in a few days. I will need some
help there as there is an adjustment that we may have to do. I've got to
get some more 'lead' before I get back to it.

 Hope you are having a good week. By the way, the video Manuel is most
helpful. I looked at it several times and I'm letting a friend look at
It is really a marketing tool for you. It shows the product very well.

In case you haven't already guessed, I'll be happy to be a reference for
you if you have other prospects that want to speak with someone that loads
multiple gauges. The conversion is very easy and some people may not
believe that. With your machine, it's quite easy.

Take care,
Murray Y. Walker 
Nashville, TN 

"Just a short note on my .410 conversion. Perfect in every way, could sell my reloads for new. You guys sure know how to make reloaders.
 Ron Anderson
Eaton Rapids, Mi

Dicksie, Carter, Michelle and all the Other Fine Folks at Spolar-

I received and installed the hydraulics on my loader on the 24th and loaded a case of shells on Wednesday before going to work.  The loader/hydraulics combo is absolutely incredible!  Loading is so fast, easy and reliable its an absolute dream.  I've got about 5K in once-fired lying around the house and at the rate I'm going, these will probably all be loaded within the week!  Running that machine is as much fun as I've ever had standing up with my clothes on!

Thanks for making such an incredible, quality product!

Alan K. Gehrt

Hello all,

bad day on the 11th,please say a prayer.i was interested in buying all three sub gauge dies for my spolar gold. i was wondering if there was a package price if i buy all three.please let me know.ive got about 1300 shells through my loader and it is absolutely the best thing going.for the first time ive run out of all components to make shells.again thanks for a great product and great support from first contact to delivery of my loader.feel free to use any and all of my coments and email to promote a product the sells itself.


Don Biddulph


Just wanted to tell you that the reloader arrived on Thursday evening a week ago.  I immediately took it apart and changed into the 28 gauge.  I loaded two boxes by hand and then hooked up the hydraulics and proceeded to load 300 more in short order.
I did all this without seeing the tape and only using the manual which could use some improvement.  I know a technical writer if you are interested.
I was very impressed with the beautiful machining and close tolerance that I never enjoyed with my PW's.
That weekend (Friday thru Sunday ) on a part time basis I loaded 1200 more in each gauge.  The hydraulic is the only way to go.
I was very impressed with the close tolerances for the powder drops every one  I weighed was within tenth of a grain.
My only observation is that the primer tray should be turned 90 degrees so the reloader would take less bench depth.
I have found the quality of my reloads to be very high.  In fact, they are much closer than the PW's ever came to being "remanufactured."  Apparently PW can only talk the talk.
Its only been two weeks, but with my reloads I have already run a 99 with the 410, a hundred with the 28 and a hundred with my 12.  I lent a new shooter a  box of 12 's last weekend and he ran his first 25.
Unlike my old PW's, I have plenty of confidence to use them in competition.  Something I haven't done in 2 years, especially in the 410 bore.
I am very pleased with the new reloader and am ready for both the Kachina and Old Pueblo later this month.  Its definitely going to help my skeet budget this year.

Hello, this is Jim Steffen, and I bought my Spolar in Dec, and it is the best piece of equipment I have ever purchased. I am an auto tech. so I know great workmanship when I see it. I have really enjoyed reloading with this loader. Way better than the PW 900 that I had. I broke a couple of petals off of my wad fingers. I have 4,000 rounds on this loader, and maybe the problem is something that I did with out knowing it. Could you please send me two 12 gauge wad guides. If you still have my credit card# please use that. If not please let me know.

PS Thanks again for such a wonderful product. I will be ordering a 20 GA die set soon. Thanks, Jim

Greetings Spolar Folks. I received my Gold Power Load last week in excellent condition. After unpacking,reading the instructions,watching the vid, and then finally assembling the unit, OH WHAT A JOY!! I thank you for such a quality product. It took a few rounds to get the hang of the loader, which is much different to what I'm accustomed to. Smooth as silk!! It won't be long until I'm doing 600+ shells per hour. Thanks again,
                                                    Mike Koneski

Mike is so pleased he wrote a second letter:

"Hello Spolar family. Spolar Gold 1196 is working beautifully in cranking out quality ammo! When my son helps me by dropping wads into the guide we can do 1000 shells per hour!! That's without a hydraulic unit ( hope to get one next year!)!!!
Thanks,Michael Koneski
Kutztown PA "

Subject: Greetings from a Spolar Owner.....

Dicksie & Carter,
Somehow the word 'Great' does not do my new Spolar the justice it deserves,
everything was packaged to perfection. I had it in producing factory perfect
shells about two hours after it came out of the box. I cannot remember ever
buying anything that I did not have to do a little 'tinkering' with to get
it operational, the first shell was perfect!

If you all ever decide to make shotguns, cars or boats with this type of
precision please put my name on your waiting list.

Hope you have a great trip!

Jim Daughtridge

I certainly have compared the two loaders (Spolar and Dillon SL900) and others besides. Whilst they all appear to reload shells with success, none give consistent results with the speed, ease of operation or quality anywhere near the Spolar. I have also owned other loading equipment, and suffered time consuming, costly and irritating problems.

The difference is in the innovative design and precision built quality of the Spolar, backed up by their superb after sales service. Spolar is a family firm, whose members are shooters and they really care about their product. Every one is tested rigorously before they deliver it to the customer, and you can even specify the recipe you want to use and they will set it up and test it for you so you can start reloading as soon as you have unpacked the machine.

Since the Spolar came on the market, other makers have tried to incorporate some of the design ideas in their machines (for example PW have tried to make their shell removable at each station � and believe me they need it) with limited success. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

If you get yourself a Spolar, the biggest problem you will have is finding enough empties to keep it occupied! You will load every shell you have so quickly; you will have more time to go shooting. If your pals find out you have a Spolar, they will be queuing up at your door with empties to �borrow� some time with your new equipment.

I have a Spolar with four gauge changes and a hydraulic drive, and I would not part with it. Gauge changes are a snap � I can do it in about 5 minutes and start reloading a different gauge. If gauge changes are available on other loaders, there are not large numbers of brave souls who try it, many people having bought 4 complete loaders instead. This is not usually reflected in people�s comparison of the price, and then there is the space needed to set up four machines.

The competition, although usually cheaper, just is not in the same league as the Spolar Gold Premier loader, and the time and frustration wasted with the cheap machines in fixing foul-ups and just in their slower operation soon outweighs the cost differential.

I know of at least one US powder manufacturer who has all the machines available to use, but their staff will openly tell you that they prefer the Spolar when assembling trial loads for assessment and research.

Finally, consider the resale value of the loader. I am sure that if I put my loader on the market I would suffer minimal depreciation, whereas the others resell for a fraction of their new price. You rarely see a used Spolar for sale.

I hope this is of help to you.

Michael Fox

To Carter and Dixie Spolar:

In November 1999 I purchased Spolar Power Loader Serial #941 from you Company and after waiting patiently (which I am not noted for doing) I received the unit in January 2000. I also received all the gauge changes 12-20-28-410. After setting the machine up and using it for a short while I did notice a problem. The problem as I can best describe it, is why does anyone want to reload without one of these machines. I called Dixie and ordered my second machine, serial #991. Why would anyone want to have a second machine? I���m glad you asked. It takes approximately three to five minutes to make a gauge change and you have just lost that much time of the joy of reloading. In September 2002 I made a trip to San Antonio for the NSCA Nationals and ordered my third machine serial #1320. I spent the last twenty years of my working life rebuilding vintage and WW!! Aircraft, and I am very familiar with quality work and machining. These machines are the epitomes of workmanship and design. I also have a PW Platinum 2000 and a Dillon SL. 900 and have had in the past, Hornady, Pacific, and MEC loaders and while these are good loaders there is no comparison to the Spolars. While a Kia will provide transportation, a Mercedes will also give you a lot more comfort and pleasure. That is the best comparison I can think of to compare other loaders with a Spolar. As of the date machine #941 has loaded 49,554 shells, and machine #991 61,489, machine #1320 11,399. Most of these are 28 and 410. I now embark on another journey in Sept 2003 to San Antonio for the NSCA World shoot, not to shoot, but to maybe order my fourth Spolar. Hats off to a fine organization and extremely nice people.

Respectfully Yours,
Ken Perry
Abilene, Texas

My Spolargold is great! Next to my shotgun, it�s the best thing I ever bought. No other loader comes close. Have a great day!

Leo E. Vogel
Topeka, Kansas

Dear Dicksie and Carter:

As you know the loader arrived last week and I�ve been getting acquainted with it. I�ve now loaded over 1000 shells and it has far exceeded my expectations. The quality and ease of operation is superb. You have addressed all the problems with competitors� products and solved them. I almost look forward to making a mistake, they are so easy to correct! The loader is a great product and will set the standard against which all others will be judged. You should be proud of what you have accomplished.

Very Truly yours,
James S. White
Boxford, MA.

I�m through 10,000 reloads with your machine. This thing is great. Far surpasses Dillon and PW. And yes, could care less about hull feeder now. Don�t miss it one bit. Have not had a spill in probably 6000 shells now. I showed my buddy who I gave the Dillon to your machine, and he fell in love with it. However, he has a very limited budget and most likely will never get one. He thinks the Dillon is great since he has been using a MEC 650 for a lot of years. Besides AAs, I sent STS-Federal through it and it loads them perfect without any adjustments-period. That�s wonderful.

Dominic Cerrato
Morristown, NJ

Dear Carter and Dicksie,

Thank you for the wad fingers. It shows your trust in your customers that you would send a product out without being paid before it is shipped. Enclosed please find a check for the wad fingers.

I wanted to let you know that I love my new reloading press, serial number 1060. I have had several loaders from various manufactures and none of them come close to the quality and trouble free operation of your press.

I can load over 1000 rounds without a malfunction. The only problem I ever have with your press is that the primer will sometimes not dispense properly. This only happens once in a while, averaging about every 2000 rounds. Your primer system is the most trouble free on any press on the market.

Once again, thanks for the great press and customer service.

Jim Meek, ATA Life Member

I own a Spolar Gold Premier.

I love the unit. I have been reloading shotgun shells since 1965. Over the years I have learned many hard lessons about reloading. It should be against the rules for any new comer to start out with what you now sell. They will never be able to appreciate what you have developed for their convenience.

Oh well, lets get to my small problem. The black button on the vibratory has cracked, and will not stay in place. I guess I need a new button. AS you know, without the button in place, the unit will not vibrate. Would you send me that part ASAP.

Thank you,
John T. Parramore

Subject: Hello and thank you!

Hello! This is Brian here in Mississippi. The new reloader arrived in good shape. Your packers know their business. The outer box had received some pretty obvious rough treatment, but everything inside was perfect. I took my time and set everything up and loaded just a couple of boxes last night to get the feel of it and to pattern test the loads today. I have to say I am impressed. Flawless function and precision I never dreamed existed in a reloader. I was surprised when I got a package yesterday with the Allen wrenches in it. I just thought somebody had forgotten to put them in the box. This is the third time you have shocked me with your outstanding level of service. When money allows I will be back for the hydraulic unit. It is pure pleasure to do business with such great folks. Thank you and good shooting.

Follow up:

Yes, of course you can use my letter. Stuff you might want to know for anyone wondering if I have any idea of what I am talking about or not. I have shot skeet for nine years. Have shot my way into AA and AAA across the board. Tennessee 2002 HAA and 410 State Champion. 2002 All State team. I only mention it to show that I do have a certain amount of experience with shotshells.  Your machine and your company have put the joy back into reloading for me. Thank you.
Brian Moore



Several years ago, I purchased Spolar loader # 976, and have used it with a great deal of satisfaction. It is the best loader I have ever used. (In fact, I have worn out several of your competitor�s loaders). To date, I have loaded over 30,000 rounds with my Gold Premier, and I can truthfully say that the loader is only getting better with age�The Spolar Gold Premier is the best loader I have ever used!

Dwaine Holden
Charlotte, NC

The loader I purchased from you in May of 2000 has worked great. I managed to break the (reset) knob off the counter at 5000 rounds. It now reads 95,486. This is one of the best investments I have ever made for shooting. Thanks for your on going Customer Service and Support. Thanks to the excellent design of this loader I called only twice in 100,486 rounds and three years. Great Job Thanks
Perry C. White, St. Louis Park MN.

Dixie :

My name is Bob Larsen and I purchased a loader, bench and hydraulic unit back in March or April. Just wanted to tell you it is working perfectly and the only problem I have is I wonder why I took so long to buy this setup. It is everything you say and more. My friend and I bought several thousand once fired STS hulls and loaded them up. I doubt I will ever buy another as I doubt like hell I will live long enough to wear it out. This may be the best investment I ever made.

Thanks Bob Larsen/Palmer


Don here again. Just wanted to drop a line to tell you the best is still the best after 30,000 reloads. #1098 is still going strong loading both 12 and 20ga and I�m getting ready to order hydraulics for my loader. As I stated before, I was not forgotten by all of you after the sale, and support or just simple questions were handled swiftly and politely. As of now no problems, no breakdowns and obviously no need to worry. Dependability of this machine is as important to me just as my Kreighoff and my Kolar are, and you have put a reloader into that class. Thanks again Ill drop a line at 50,000 and update you again. Get a hydraulic unit ready you will be hearing from me soon.
All the best. Don Biddulph Jr #1098

Dicksie & Carter -

Got my parts on Wed.....and that was really fast. Thanks a lot for your great service.

Still love my SpolarGold................

Bless ya


p.s.  It helped me make All American again. I prefer my reloads for Competition (well..maybe a few factory 410s on occasion).......in spite of others advice against "reloads". 

(Jody is a repeat NSSA All American)

Dear Dicksie,
If I would have Spolar Power Load to play with some 40 years ago we would have no children.   


I have had my Spolar Gold for about three months now and have loaded @ 5,000 shells. This machine is an absolute dream to use. I ordered this machine based on the testimonials of other owners and never had the opportunity to see one in person. This machine, and the Spolar�s live up to everything you will read about it. I reload not only to keep the cost of shooting down but because I enjoy the hobby of reloading. This machine, compared to other machines I have used is rock solid and loads perfect shells with ease. All of the little frustrations of reloading like jamming, spilling shot or powder, going out of adjustment is completely gone with this machine. I have made slight adjustments to my crimps and the one thing I noticed is this machine accepts minute adjustments that are noticeable and holds them! This machine has no flexure so every slight adjustment holds true shell after shell forever. At first I was having trouble with a cheap brand of wad and called Carter and Dicksie for assistance. I couldn't believe the customer service they gave me. Carter walked me through everything and even sent me some of his wads to try. The problem, which was not at all the fault of the machine is now resolved. The customer service offered by Carter and Dicksie is absolutely beyond words. This machine in the world of reloaders is like a Kreighoff or Kolar to shotguns. It is a machine that will last a lifetime and will be handed down to my son when I am done with it, just like a fine gun. If you figure anything for a "service life" this machine is actually cheaper than other machines on the market that you will wear out and have to replace, or if you just enjoy owning the finer things in life this machine is for you. The Spolar Gold and the Spolar�s are as good as it gets. Thanks for a machine that puts the fun back into the hobby of reloading.

Darrell Hilde

You know what we say... "An evening without Spolar is an evening wasted."

Hope you are all well. My loader is the best investment I've made in the
shotgun sports. My shell count is over 60,000 and I have had a total of 188
misloads, due mostly to brain freeze. Thanks again for the wonderful machine.

Nowell Wisch
San Diego, CA 

I think I hold a unique spot in Spolar Gold history. I am most likely the only owner to ever have to replace my Spolar Gold Reloader. They are indeed strong machines, but considering that hurricane Katrina took the whole house the reloader didn't have a chance. I think a dolphin is using it now in the gulf. I have about 10,000 rounds through the new one now and I am very pleased with it. Even the usually hateful little 410 loads smooth and easy. When I had to replace my Spolar Gold, I knew nothing would do except another one just like it.

Thank you
Brian D. Moore

Dixie , just wanted to let you know how much my wife appreciates your machine. A friend of mine have loaded over 10K shells in the last week or so and she said she has not heard any cussing and that we are very quite, to the point she is concerned about what we are up too!!!

The more I pull the handle the more I love this thing!!!!!!!!!

Sign me a very satisfied customer!!!!!!!!!

Rick Law

As always I appreciate your support and recommendations. How much are the two sets 28 and 20 and the caddy. I will send you a check as soon as you let me know and/or can call you to charge it to my credit card.

By the way I recommended SpolarGold to a good friend Mr. �� and I believe he has already ordered his Spolar. He was really impressed with my reloads...Again there are not words to describe how satisfy I am with the SpolarGold. After reloading 6+ K shells with the MEC I was frustrated now I really enjoy reloading and always look forward to the time I have to reload.

Eugino Bortone


Wanted to drop a line and say we are really enjoying the reloader.
Reloaded almost 8K rounds so far and wonderful to work with. Once
everything is weighed out, I am always confident with the consistency in the
powder and shot drops. The ease of checking shells midway through.

My husband is spoiled by the Spolar generated shells. We were out
hunting last Fall and I noticed he looked at a factory load shell,
didn't like the looks of the crimp, put in back in his pocket and
took out one with a better crimp!

Last weekend I gave some reloads (24 gr international loads
w/downrange wad) to a fellow shooter to try. He's been using the
promo shells. He couldn't believe the Spolar quality crimps and how
soft the shells shot. After the first shot, he said he could shoot
these loads all day. At the end of the game, he said he was going
back to reloading!

Thanks again,
Jeanne (Spolar 1895)

Dicksie,  I wouldn't mind a bit, anything I can do to help you sell loaders I�ve done and will continue to do.  I�ve had Mec, Hornady, and PW all were fair loaders and did a good job, however I wouldn�t trade my Spolar for all the above.  It�s just that much better! Period���.   Now and then you find a product that is worth every nickel you pay for it.  You have that product.  

Steve D Nuss

Dixie and Carter:  My wife accuses me of liking my new machine more than her.... I told her I don't like my Spolar more than her -- "I love my Spolar !"  No more being a mechanic - the machine is breaking in and has not missed a primer.  Perfect crimps and volumes of shells.  I want to go out and reload, but really don't need any more shells.  I load cases at a time and then cover the machine until a few months from now.  Is it OK if I use the old P/W cover?  Will the Spolar get hurt feelings?

  Just wanted to say thanks...

  Fred Berson

Finally got my Spolar Gold and hydraulic unit unpacked, set up and running.  Now I can't stop reloading!  This is one elegant machine.

Cesar Nolasco

Dear Dicksie and Carter, just a quick note to inform you that SPOLAR S/N 1 is still chugging right along, spitting out reload after reload.  I am proud to inform you that the reloads just keep getting better.  Last month, my Spolar reloads were good enough to help me win the Louisiana State Singles Championship 199X200 and 50X50 in the shootoffs.  Thanks for providing the reloading community with a top notch quality product.  As this letter is being written, I have just cranked out the 420,350 reloaded shotshell on S/N 1.  This machine is incredible, just like the Energizer bunny rabbit,,,, it just keeps going and going and going,,,,,, When you're tired of all the funky relaoding equipment out on the market and you want to step up to the Rolls Royce of shotshell reloading equipment,,,get yourself a Spolar shotshell relaoder,,,after all, who deserves one more????  Sign me just another satisfied customer!  Robert LaBorde, Louisiana  

Hi Dicksie and Carter,

I finally met Carter at the World Skeet Championships in San Antonio in 2007 after purchasing a Spolar reloader earlier in the year.  I have made approximately 30,000 rounds since in my first year.  I have shot my reloads in competition and have found them to be more reliable and out performed factory loads.  I shot some factory loads with failure rates of 5 per hundred in the California State Skeet Championships and the Zone 7 Championships.  I scored in the top 10 HOA as rookie shooter in the World Skeet Championships and made the All American Rookie team - thanks to my coach Don Zigler and my ammunition by Dicksie and Carter Spolar.

Ken Simpson

Just a little note from Sacramento to tell you that my loader is

doing very well after 11,000 rounds through the machine in less than

a year old. Keep her cleaned and oiled...no problems. Seriously into

shooting sporting clays and use the loader to make my own high speed

loads. My machine will load most anything -- AA, Remington, Federal

and Fiochi. Prefer Remington STS and Nitros but anything will do in a


Hope all is well with you and the pressure of running a business and

caring for aging parents is not getting you down. Been there and you

have my sincerest empathy. Hope someday to personally meet you and

Carter. Until then I am.....

Larry Valterza # 1762 
Sacramento, CA

Dicksie- I know I keep praising the press, which it abmirley deserves, but your customer services and response time is just second to none and just not found these days. I try to manage my employers business the same way. Our country would not be in half the trama it is today if people cared and was as passionate about business and product as you and your company is!!! Thanks so much for the info. Was not surprised about the wad situation, but hearing it from the experts makes it easier to manage. Please send me the 272 bushing at your convience. I believe you have my billing info and cd number. If not, just let me know.

 Again Thanks and you are the best,

 Richard Wallace

     PS  Still can't believe you answered so quickly. WOW!!!!

Hi Dicksie

Our reloads are more than perfect. It is superior to anything you can buy, simply because the machine is so infinitely variable. Trust me, we have zee absolutely best reloads ever, thanks to our machines. I will never ever shoot anything else in my guns but my reloads.

The shot is perfectly matched to the wad, weight, seating depth etc. It is simply a case where the shell is held tight by the crimp starter and then drops back as the bottom assembly plate is pulled down. It shakes out one or two pellets every now and then. Nothing serious but slightly irritating.

You can send me the list of 5 items as below. (I wish there was something else, but nothing breaks on this bloody machine!!)

       1.       6-Off x 6-way plastic crimp start for 12 gauge and
2.       4-off x 6-wayplastic crimp start for 20 gauge
3.       8-off Spring finger 12 gauge
4.       4-off Spring fingers 20 gauge
5.       Bush for #9 shot 24 gram

The physical address is

Jaco Coetzee

South Africa

Kindest regards,
John Coetzee  



I own loader #1866 that I got from you in 2005, it is the best loader I have ever used! I LOVE it!! If there is ever a Fire at my house I will save the dogs, my wife and the Spolar!

You set it up for  1 1/8oz 12 gauge I am dropping 17.5 Red Dot using a Win209 and a Remington Fig8 Loading mostly STS or Gun Clubs.

I would like to know if you have a recommendation for a 1oz and a 7/8 oz load. It will need to cycle an 1100 Remington.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Scott Janowski

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