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Spolar Winners Circle

We are proud of our Spolar users so, starting January 2001, we will begin publishing some of the past and present accomplishments of those Spolar winners. If you're a winner with your Spolar loads, past or present, please send your Spolar experiences and story to: reloader@spolargold.com


Bob Hartman, Ohio Shooter:
I first used Spolar reloads in the spring of 2000. I'm pleased to report my shooting improved. Accomplishments my first year using Spolar loads include: Winner 25 yard Handicap Great Lakes Grand, Tied singles Vet Great Lakes Grand, Won Doubles class North Lawrence Budweiser, Tied singles Vet Central Zone, Won Doubles class Central Zone, Won Nora Martin Doubles class Grand American*, Won Doubles Vet RU Grand American*.

*While I used factory shells at the Grand, I'm convinced that the consistency of the Spolar loads through the season helped me focus on the event at hand. This Spolar is a Great Machine. The only things better are the people behind the Spolar, Dicksie, Carter, Mishell, and Kelly.

Mark Vaillancourt, Manchester, New Hampshire:
CONGRATULATIONS!! for shooting 200 x 200 and WINNING THE SINGLES at Ludlow, Massachusetts, with reloads from your new Spolar Gold. Good job! Keep up the good work! March, 2001

Alan K. Gehrt - New to Trapshooting and winner with Spolar:
I took the Class D doubles, along with the handicap, at Powder Creek on 25 March (only the second hundred doubles I'd ever shot with an 87).  This past Sunday, I took Class C doubles at Cedar Hill, Baldwin, KS, with a 91 and was the high score over all on doubles (third time I'd shot doubles).

Prior to Feb, 2000, I'd only shot registered targets three times, and that was back in 1981 and 1982.  I should move to an "A" class on 16 yd singles in the next month or two, if my shooting continues, and likewise on doubles.

You make an absolutely incredible product.  One of the reasons I shoot so much is I love to use the Spolar!

Adam Curtis, Gold Metal Winner
World Clay Target Championships in Cairo, Egypt 6-May-01, Adam Curtis (Las Vegas, Nev.) dominated the junior mens double trap competition, winning the gold medal with 4 clays to spare over Croatias silver medalist Anton Glasnovic and a full 8 targets ahead of Italys Francesco Penna. Curtis flew through the match, hitting an initial 49/50 in the first round, then a 46 and 44 in the subsequent 2 rounds for a final aggregate of 139/150.

He was on fire this morning, national shotgun coach Lloyd Woodhouse said of the sixteen-year-old champion. Hes been on fire for awhile, and its just been coming together for him. He won by four targets thats a fine achievement for somebody, especially at this level.

Congrats to Adam Curtis who won a gold medal in double trap. He has been working hard and practicing for months and months for this.

Adam is the owner of Spolar Gold # 510

Randy Sotowa, Fourth in World Shooting Championships
A proud Dad owns Spolar Gold Premier #11 and Spolar is proud to be in the family of fine shooters. Randy just returned from the Cairo World Shooting Championships where he placed fourth in the Junior Skeet Completion. His team placed 2nd.  Congratulations Randy, and Dad!               5/16/2001

Jo Ellen Collin who together with her husband Rick of Littleton, CO owns a Spolar Gold Premier #1001 won High Over All Lady at the Colorado State Skeet Association Championships July 26, 2001. And, now in 2002 Jo Ellen won the Colorado State Ladies Skeet Championship and came in 3rd high lady in the State Sporting Clays Championship. Congratulations Jo Ellen!!!

Jody, NSSA All American
Dicksie & Carter -
Got my parts on Wed.....and that was really fast. Thanks a lot for your great service.
Still love my SpolarGold................
Bless ya
p.s.  It helped me make All American again. I prefer my reloads for Competition (well..maybe a few factory 410s on occasion).......in spite of others advice against "reloads".

Ken Simpson, All American Rookie team
Hi Dicksie and Carter,

I finally met Carter at the World Skeet Championships in San Antonio in 2007 after purchasing a Spolar reloader earlier in the year.  I have made approximately 30,000 rounds since in my first year.  I have shot my reloads in competition and have found them to be more reliable and out performed factory loads.  I shot some factory loads with failure rates of 5 per hundred in the California State Skeet Championships and the Zone 7 Championships.  I scored in the top 10 HOA as rookie shooter in the World Skeet Championships and made the All American Rookie team - thanks to my coach Don Zigler and my ammunition by Dicksie and Carter Spolar.

Ken Simpson

R.L. Davis  Rangemaster

Loader # 1276  Over 300,000 loads so far.

2006 California State Trap Shoot
High All Around

2007 Autumn Grand
Doubles runner-up

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